Domestic container collections demand efficiency, when collecting high volumes of containers during intense rounds every second, even split seconds, count.

We offer exceptional rear loading RCV bodies that work perfectly with our superb bin lift systems to provide an efficient and reliable solution to collect a wide range of domestic containers during high volume collection rounds.

We also offer side loading RCV solutions that are engineered to provide a perfect one man operation solution for your domestic container collections where kerbside presentation is possible to allow a side loading solution.

Our range of electric automatic bin lifts provide solutions that save time and reduce fuel consumption significantly.


High level
High performance

We introduce our amazing, high level automatic split bin lift, the OmniDEKA.

A perfect ten, the result of intensive development from the ground up to provide a fresh take on how an automatic high-level bin lift should be built.

OmniDEKA comes packed with functionality, flexibility and features, all built upon a foundation of years of experience, generation of bin lift design and customer feedback.

The OmniDEKA. High Level. High Performance. Minimal Fuss.

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